ESC Programming?

Like everyone, I am trying to keep things as cheap as possible so as soon as a saw an ESC for $30, I went and bought it. My first plan was to use an Arduino to program the features of a VESCinto a normal ESC. Is telling a car ESC to go 100% throttle different from telling a VESC to go 100% throttle if they both output the same # of amps and volts? I want to avoid spending 150$ on a pair of VESCs but if using a normal ESC really hobbles the performance, I guess I’m willing to bite the bullet. I have patience, knowledge, and time to program and integrate but I don’t know if re inventing the wheel will work the way I want.

Can you link the type of esc

Just go to the page where you brought it and in the file section it has the programming doc. It is in German I think. It if you can read it great if not put it into google translate

I know you can program some features of this but I still don’t know if you can program it to behave like a VESC. Is ESC programming similar across different models? I’m still reading through the manual and it is hard to understand because the translation isn’t perfect. Also, it’s a pain in the rear because the text is copy protected.

To clarify, when I say behave, I mean accelerate/brake the same way.

I’m not really sure you probably could if you reflagged the firmware but I’m not sure how to do that

When you say reflag, you mean change?

Haha sorry man meant reflash. Yeah basically change or put a new one on it