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ESC question and compatibility

Hey all! I am new to all of this electric longboard stuff and after seeing the price of a factory-made electric longboard, I decided to build my own. I had a question based on the ESC and motor compatibility. Is it possible to use a hub motor ESC with a regular brushless motor? Will it work?

ESC: 24/36V Single Wheel Hub Motor Electric System Driver Pulse Longboard Skateboard Controller Remote ESC Substitute - 29V

Motor: Racerstar 5060 BRD5060 280KV 4-12S Brushless Motor For Balancing Scooter

ESC is crap, and motor KV too high, especially for a small motor. Get a 4.12 single (v)esc and a minimum 6374 170-190kv motor for single motor board.

then could you provide me with names of an (v)esc and motor that would work rogether and fit 2 4s lifepo4?