ESC Racerstar 120A modification

I have ESC Rcerstar 120A

  1. Can I use this without a cooler cooler and an aluminum radiator?
  2. I want to solder capacitors, put them in a horizontal position, is this a good idea? as well as the wires in a horizontal position.

Without the cooler cooler it will lose its coolness and get fried in no time. I asume it’s not there just for aesthetics decorative purpose.

yeah removing the cooler cooler without replacing it with something just as cool like a chunk of aluminum or something wouldn’t be a good idea, you’ll likely just melt your ESC.

they make these things with cheap components then cheat by sticking a huge heatsink and fan on it. If you remove the heatsink and fan, you’ll remove the cheat and then it doesn’t work so well.

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iI would like to minimize the height, so that my box for electronics was thin.

do you have one or two ESCs? You may be able to remove the existing heatsink and use a longer, flatter piece of aluminum to spread the heat without the fan. it would have to be rather wide, so maybe it could go under or over top of other things in the box.

I have one. This is a good idea, but notice, the capacitors are high.

you can buy some of the same exact type with longer prongs on them, then replace them and bend them over at 90 degrees if these aren’t able to do that once the cover is removed.

I remember I saw a post, that someone did it…with this or similar ESC, but it is risky, I wouldnt do that…or you can at least replace it as LHB mentioned…

put the heatsinks out of the box

that’s exactly what i did with my twin Favourites.

Fan holes. Air exits the grill, intake is the three dots next to it.

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Whats the battery on it

this is from 2 years ago about, its a 6S2P, 10Ah pack, original enertion mounts and NTM 270KV motors, 15/36 ratio, top end around 27mph ish.

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How did you program the esc to work with your electric skateboard?