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Esc recommendations

so i shorted my TB 12S esc and it is beyond repair (had a small fire and killed a pad and resistors) so what would be some good replacements i could get in the next week?

Ouch… :frowning:

VESC seems to be short supply everywhere… At least for within the week.

I could sell you another TB 12S if you like for a discount. PM me if you want.

Other then that not many 12S options :frowning:

it doesnt have to be 12s my current pack is only 10s.

and i wont buy one at discount, i modded this one thats why it fried.

10S is only Castle or Flier from what I remember.

I had good experiences with a YEP 120a 4-12S Heli ESC. It is meant for helicopters but i got a lot of torque with this ESC and could climb fairly steep hills even at 6S.