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ESC Request for High School Project

Hi, my name is Xander. I take a class on engineering and advanced manufacturing at my high schoo. My class recently aquire a large brushless motor and decided to design and build an electctric Longboard with it. We were able to get all of the parts exempt for an ESC because of our classes low budget.

If anyone has a 90 to 120 amp High Voltage ESC that they would be willing to donate or sell to out project at a low price please contact me.

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Exactly what voltage do you require? What kind of battery and motor are you using? You may not actually need 90-120A.

Depending on your motor/battery setup; you may be able to use the FVT120a esc which you can get for about $50 domestically.

Our motor is an eflite power 160 254kv brushless motor that requires around 36 volts. The spec sheet on their website recommends 90-120 Amps HV ESC.

The spec sheet recommends 33-36 volts to run the motor. Do you think it would have enough torque if I used this speed controller to run it at 22 volts?

I use a very similar 2700W, 245Kv motor that also requires 10S (37V). I’m running it on just 6S (22V) and it has a LOT of torque for a 150Lb (65kg) person. My ESC is 90A. Do you already have a 10S battery? I’m pretty sure you can’t use a 6S ESC on a 10S battery.

You guys could have saved some money and gone with a Tacon Bigfoot 160. I’ve heard they’re almost identical at like half the cost.

You’re right. The esc would most likely have built in over voltage protection.

The motor was donated to out class so we war trying to find a compatible escape for it. Do you know of anyone who would be willing to donate or sell us one of these 6S speed controllers.

What kind of battery do you have? If you’ve got a 10S battery you can’t use a 6S ESC.

Yeah, it depends on the gearing. I ran 6s (22v) on a similar motor with 16/36t gearing and top speed was about 27mph.

We have allot of 18650 lithium ion cells and we are going to buy a circuit to balance charge them so the battery can be 6 or 10s