Esc shows empty battery when battery's fully charged. Help needed please

Hi Guys,

I’m very new so please be patience with meamd thank you in advanced.

Just built a board all was great charged up my two 3s 2200 mah 11.1v battery’s connected then in series and plugged them into my Chinese esc. The prob is its showing 1 out of the four bars on the indicator rather than full. The board lights up and the controller pairs but it won’t spin the wheels like as if its low battery safety has stopeed them from working.

However they are fully charged fresh off the charger. I’m pretty stumped have I bought the wrong battery’s? or is something faulty. Awaiting the forums genius Many thanks Jake.

Hey man, for some quicker answers head over to the esk8 news forum. It sounds like your ESC might be set up for a higher voltage then your battery, so your battery is triggering it’s low voltage shut off. I would first verify your series wiring and check the output voltage with a multimeter. Then it would be good to verify with your ESC’s online listing to confirm the input voltage is within spec. If that doesn’t work I would try contacting the seller

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First check the voltage of the battery pack. Did you use a BMS? Sometimes BMS don’t charge fully until few cycles.

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Thanks guys looks like it was rated 10s after all. I had to solder the spot on the board that’s said 6s and join then together. Many thanks for the quick reply hope this helps someone in the future. Jake