Esc shutting down when braking

Hey everyone, I have had this problem for quite awhile now.

Occasionally my evolve shuts down when i brake, and it wont turn on for a few minutes at a time.

Whenever this happens it will persist for a day or two.

I’ve noticed that even when i throttle it with the drive wheels in the air and brake, it just shuts off too.

Any idea why its happening? I think I’ve encountered this problem about 4-5 times now.

Does this happen also when your battery is half discharged?

Yup. Don’t think its a regen issue. When i pull the brakes it shuts down before it even brakes. I only feel a very subtle jerk of the brakes coming on for a fraction of a second. It also shuts down when i brake at walking pace.


Whats that?

A possible fault code you might be getting. Whast esc you got? Vesc? And are you using bms for discharge?

Well with VESCs if the ESC pulls too much current to perform a task, say supply current to the motor for braking, it can throw an error where the current goes over it’s safe threshold.

Its the evolve esc. I think the bms aids in discharging but i am not a hundred percent sure

The thing is I’m not even braking hard. It just shuts down when it detects braking. Don’t think i can pull alot of current braking at 5 kmph

Maybe the bms is cutting off when the esc is trying to put power back and that is why it resets. Do you have picks or diagrams of the installation. I don’t know that board

True. BMS could be faulty…

I have some pictures. Here

I noticed that one of the capacitors on the bms is a little deformed. Not sure if that is the problem

Sorry about the wires but I took the pic a few days ago for fun when I was making a new pack for it.

Which one? :confused:

Both are the same

i can see the capacitor is little fatty, meaning failing. contact evolve

Thanks, I’ll do that