ESC stopped working?


I just finished my board number 3 yesterday. I went dor a test drive and it worked fine. Then when I turned it on this morning it did not work. When I turn on the board (6s battery, fvt 120a esc, torqueboards motor) the esc fan started but there was no beeps as when the ESC reconises the number of cells and the motor. After some troubleshooting where I switched out the transmitter, the battery, the motor and the ESC, I came to the conclusion that it must be the ESC. It is just wierd since I tried my setup with another FVT 120a ESC from another board, which did not work either… It is worth mentioning that their is no flashing LEDs on the ESC either.

Do you have a programming Card, where you can check your ESC settings? If that doesn´t work too, your ESC is fried. But sounds really strange that all your other components are working, but do not if you connect a new ESC :open_mouth: