Esc substitute fix

Hello everyone,

I was having a lot of problems with my board lately… I bought the ESC substitute from the link below. First I ran it in 6s, 280kv motor and 14:27 ratio with 90mm wheels and at the beginning it was, ah, okay… I could go up to about 20-25km/h… Then after some time it got really slow… like really really slow. I was going about 16km/h max, after waiting about 20 seconds for it to get to that speed. I was asking everyone and I got a lot of answers, like: “you motor KV is too high” or “get smaller wheels”… So after some time I got a new Torq boards 190kv motor and nothing changed, I even upgraded to 10s battery…

Yesterday I took It all apart… After about 30mins of looking at the board, I took the upper part from the lower pcb. There were 6 mosfets as in any ESC and I looked at the board and saw nothing…

So I took my magnifier lens and I found out that one little SMD resistor at the gate of the mosfet wasn’t soldered right… I don’t have any SMD gear so I had to do it with soldering iron but after about 15mins i got it right… Then I put it all together and on the board… When I got out I couldn’t believe that that was it… After about 5 months with that ESC, I finally fixed it!!

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This is more like a story than a tutotial, but if somebody has some questions, feel free to ask below :slight_smile:


That’s cool the repair knowledge and testing for these is zilch, I managed to fark my dual, no smoke or damaged components as far as I can tell but no lights either, would love some testing procedures before buying another

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Soo, I’ve rode about 40km and everything is still okay but it heats very much (as before). Is that the case with all of those escs? The temperature is about 60 celsius on the board and over 70 on capacitor… I did put a cpu heatsink on it but those temperatures are with it…

It’s in a waterproof enclosure with no holes.

It’s a known problem with them…

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Congrats on the repair :slight_smile:

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