Esc tape it or not

is it ok to tape your esc so it wont short out? w/ electric tape ofc

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Not necessarily. I never used electrical tape after getting shrink tubes. It’ll work though, its just that shrink tubes looks cleaner.

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Keep in mind that the metai or plastic shell of an esc acts as a heat sink. Wires, not so much so you can either shrink wrap those or use cable sleeves like on a custom PC build.

GUYS HELP MY ESC blown and it beeps then turns off and i dont have any money anyone helpme fix it pls? I connected the battery wrong

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Electrical tape is terrible, don’t use it. There are a hundred better things to use.

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If you connected the battery wrong, it’s unlikely you can fix it. First things first is saying what ESC it is. If it’s beeping, it’s probably not a VESC.


why does it mattter if its connected wrong? whats that do

Reverse polarities can damage electrical components. In other words, you might fry something important and it’ll no longer work, and won’t likely be fixed with simplistic means.

but when i plug my heater into an outlet i do it both ways and nothing happens though why does the esc burn out

Most electronics will have reverse polarity protection. An esc does not have that. Some do, but you need to find the words “reverse polarity protection”.

why not? and the esc said over voltage and undervoltage and short protection on it

Plugging it backward can still damage an component. That’s not entirely reverse protection since what you’ve done was basically activated a huge spark that shocked an component dead. Over/under protection usually deals with abnormal voltages, but are correctly plugged in. Short protection would be not plugging in fully having inrush current. You didn’t do this.

If im wrong, someone else could probably explain electrical better. I only know basic electrical.

Edit: okay so i was right. If it doesn’t say reverse polarity protection, you basically killed your esc.

fully having inrush current whats that?

Basically when you plug your esc in, you’ll see a huge spark. That’s that.

is that normal?

Should be. That’s how you don’t damage your component by plugging it backwards. If you don’t see that, do not plug anything in reverse.

a huge spark is that normal?

Yes and no. Yes bacause large voltage or high current causes that from the battery. No, its not normal to assume its safe for the esc. That is why you use an antispark switch or loopkey.

qht if my battery sparks when i plug it in?

That’s normal. But if the battery itself is sparking… that’s not.