ESC that goes past 12s

I’m curious if there is a VESC that is available if you want to run a larger motor, say 80100 at above 12s. Say something up to like 18s?

EDIT: I guess I should rephrase my question as I’ve seen a few of the ones mentioned here before. Is there an ESC that goes above 12s that anyone here actually uses or has used on one of their builds? I don’t think I’ve come across any build that has had one, yet I’ve seen builds where 80100’s were being used in a dual setup, but I think if I recall the person just had VESC 6 for his ESC and I think those can be ran at up to 18s…



Time to build an electric gokart… lol


It’s funny because a lot of electric 6-8 person shuttles are less powerful and have smaller ranges than your typical dual 6374 electric skateboard.


Electric go kart would be fun. My buddy is building one right now.

I think this may be what NGV is using…! 13k watt.


That can’t really do 200A continuous at that small size though can it? The dimensions sound more like a VESC 4.12 than a 13KW ESC

8awg wire I suspect it does what it claims… how well and for how long, who knows?

Maybe they mean continuous with proper cooling

Even a VESC 4 can probably do 200A when cooled “properly”. The rating should reflect no need for additional cooling besides maybe normal airflow around the housing.

Then you have to define “normal” airflow since escs are used in different applications.

Which is why I said “maybe” :confused:

nah, I fried 4.12 at 150amp with good cooling. fet was nice and cool but drv didnt like it. it spined for 30min tho

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The flipside shows a heatsink and 4 x caps

@Hummie has some low kv hubs he is going to wind with 1.4mm copper, would make a interesting experiment to run them on 14s?


flier sucks in my experience compared to the vesc. the motor wont run any cooler and with some good heatsinks on the vesc surely you can get enough power.

Easy electric go kart is to turn an alternator into a motor.