ESC - Which one to buy - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Hey guys I just wanted to start a thread about the ESCs and which ones to buy. I have noticed a lot of newcomers don’t know which one is best for their own build. So I just wanted to make a knowledge base for new builders to ask questions about which ESC or even which VESC they should buy. I am not the most knowledgeable on this subject either so hopefully we can all learn.

@mmaner provided a link to where you can find the page for different types of VESCs. VESCs are the best ESC you can buy but they are expensive:

VESCs This is going to be a brief passage because it should be well known at this point that the VESC is the best money can buy. So we are going to focus on different types of VESCs

Chinese - These are hard to nail down, because there are varying levels of quality. The most known chinese/asian variant is the maytech which tends to be cheaper. There have been some different experiences, mainly the problem appears to be maytech VESCs that have been sold with no bootloader(sort of like selling a computer without an operating system). Note if you are using a chinese or unknown brand of VESC keep a close eye on the realtime data in the BLDC TOOL.

Handmade/locally produced - The hand made tends to be more reliable if you are buying from someone reputable. Again different levels of quality but most of the American or European sellers sell high quality VESCs(Good mosfets, DRVs that won’t explode during FOC mode, etc.)

CAUTION: It has come to my attention that some sellers may be using maytech VESCs without a bootloader, such as alien, proto boards, and e-greenmotion. Please contact me or @Okami if there is a mistake here.

6S ESCs There are plenty of these out there, more for low powered boards but these can sometimes have a poor braking/acceleration. Many of these also have fans to keep them cool.

TorqueBoards 120A 6S - I have heard these do not have very smooth breaking and can be easily overvolted, so do not run higher than 6S on this. It does have a fan to keep it cool so do not worry about it over heating(unless of course your battery puts the fear of zeus into this)

To be continued…

I was referring more to all ESCs not just VESC but thanks for the link

I figured, just thought this would give you the VESC info without a lot of searching.

@KTMinni Knowledge base about Esc’s is a good idea… I had thought about this a while ago already

Check thread about ‘‘Resource base’’ maybe u can find some more people (help) there :wink:

Thanks for this help