ESCape dual case for Trampa Holy Pro

OK, so I´m in process of desinging a full cover for the dual ESCape heatsink. I need a case for my ESCapes which can be mounted on my Trampa holy pro and has enough space to fit a bluethooth modul, the receiver and mybe one day even a push to start switch.

For now I made the first drawings. The baseplate of the box can be screwed into the two inner spring holes (for trampa inifinity and mini trucks, the ultimate don´t have threads in the baseplate of the truck so it will only work if to add a thread insert in the deck)


The top part will fit nicely to the dual heatsinkt, plus a xt90 slot in which I´ll glue my main power cables. IMG_6207

As soon as I have my 3D printer ready again, I´ll print a sample to look if everything work out how I imagine.

Basically to print in PETG works good,I already tried it with my Focboxes for which I made a similar case.

For this cases I would like to get the baseplate CNCed out of Aluminum. I know there is only a very little change, but maybe somebody here would be ready to make 2-3 of this cases for a reasonable price? Yes I know what work is behind and that for so less parts it don´t make a big sense, and I also already checked the 3D hubs, but 125€ for one case would be a bit too much.

I thought as minimum it´s woth to ask :sweat_smile:

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Have you tried the one for focboxes? I would be very interested to print one, if you decide to share files :smile:

For focboxes I have only this image image

It’s not perfect and you will need some m4 thread repair inserts for the holes. If you want you can pm me your mail and I can sent you the stl files no problem

I can help with printing if you like. I can print in Nylon or ABS and use PVA supports where necessary for a nice finish.

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Great thx! I started to print the first version in petg. Will see how it will come out. If i‘m not happy with the result i‘ll come back to your offer :ok_hand:

This is awesome. I have dual ESCapes mounted in a plastic box at the moment, but I’m not overly happy with it. Being able to mount this case to the deck through the spare spring holes is a great idea. If you ever consider selling these, I would be very interested.

Great work man.

Thx! I just printed the baseplate this night. Hopefully today I can print the top cover too. Hope it work out how it should, but usually first print need some adjustments after. I‘m not planning to sell, but if you have somebody who can print it out for you I can sent you the stl files, no problem.

i’m interested in the files too!

Darn. No one I know who has a printer - oh well.

Sent me a pm with your e-mail. As soon as I made the prototype and sure everything fit together I can sent you the stl files.

I can print you too. I‘m not that expert in printing though don’t expect perfection :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: The small problem I see is that i‘m in russia and need first to check the shipping costs. Never sent a packet out till now :sweat_smile: There is also 3D hubs. You could upload the stl files and look what they would charge you for it.

Good point. I’m in no real rush, so feel free to send me the file once you have it done and I’ll look into getting them printed. Thank you.

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