ESCape HW6.4 for sale NEW ESC

I have 2 brand new never used ESCape HW6.4 for sale. Paypal $300.00 shipped for both ThanksIMG_5607%5B1%5D

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Change to parts for sale category

You need to add pictures or no one will pay attention. If theres even a scratch on them, make sure to show it. People want honest listings with good pics

Thanks trying to figure out how to post pictures.

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Just add them in the replies. No one will mind. Good luck selling!



Location? .

Northern Virginia

@b264 maybe this time?


Gosh seeing these really makes me wonder what happened to @stewii

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He made millions with selling the escape , now chilling on the Maldives.


@2small Pmed.

PM sent…

Are they Sold?