ESCape only dual enclosure

Hi So part of the story is in @stewii thread about his great esc ESCape. This should be a final version but as things come to life some changes might happen. Right now I’m working on CAM to tell you the price asap. Questions, opinions or criticism are welcome :wink:

As for FOCBOX. I can do a similar version for it. Should be easier than this one because plan is to put FOCBOX in it without and modifications to not void warranty. If you are interested just let me know.

UPDATE! I have decide not to do Focbox enclosure as @Kug3lis is making great job at it :wink:


I’m interested in one for dual EsCape :smiley:

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Would that be waterproof? I need a box for escapes/bbox/focbox for my trampa build

looks awesome dude, a through enclosure heatsink :grin: I’m tempted & I don’t even need one, but I do have a extra set of escapes coming my way, and I already have a set of Dark Matter motors I have no use for, so… :rofl:

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I’m interested for FOCBOX’s only cause I spent all my money and can’t afford ESCapes right now.

@Acido it suppose to go in main enclosure. You can use some water proof box make a cutout and use this flange to fix it with radiator outside.

@Cobber thank you. It would be perfect match for you :smiley:

@Mobutusan you are the first one. Let’s see if there’s someone else.

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Not to derail this thread, I have sent you a PM.

Hey @Cobber I have a use for those DM motors if you wanna sell? Riding unsensored FOC and jumping into all my runs or starting on a downslope is driving me nuts! :rofl: Only if you wanna of course…I’m gotta buy something similar soon anyways :crazy_face:

…on the topic @LukePL beautiful enclosure dude!

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because of this design, you can simply use silicon and seal the outside and all wire ports. Should be easydoing :slight_smile:

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As Im buying bboxes or escapes I wont need cooling since those can not get hot from what ive read Will see what will come out better and cheaper but also good looking some cool box or this…

So any news, about this awesome dual enclosure for the Escape`s ??

Tomorrow first couple are going to be produced :slight_smile: I’ll post pictures and let you know about price. I’ll also check black anodizing.

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Looking forward… i`m ready :stuck_out_tongue:

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Work in progress :grin:


That looks awesome! What are the dimensions of it?

First ones are done. Still some tweaks to be done but overall it’s great! :wink:


Looking real nice - I’m watching closely as I may just be in the market for a dual case for my ESCapes.

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Looking awesome. How is the top plate going to look like, and what material ?

This is a prototype. Final version should be black as the enclosure.