ESCape only dual enclosure

Price for black anodized enclosure is 40euro PayPal and shipping are separate. I should have it anodized after Easter :slight_smile:

Count me in for one…

Do you know the final dimensions for the square hole to make, today :slight_smile: ??

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Is the can cable (for connecting 2 vescs) supposed to come out of the enclosure or will it be hidden inside? Would be nice if the can cable has some routes to hide in :slight_smile:

I would be interested in one for 2 FOCBOXES but with symetrical outputs for cables (reversing one FOCBOX and putting cooling fins on both up and down sides of the case). One more hole for sensor cable would be needed.

This is nice idea but…Complicated and expensive and so far I see that there are two persons that need it for Focbox and I would need 10 to do it.

Here are the measurements but PLEASE don’t cut your enclosures yet!

The idea how to use it is similar to this.

The difference is that it has this flange with threads so you can seal it and fix it quite easy. It might require a outside frame to act like a washer to push it evenly but I have to check that. I have also in plan a 3D printed box for it with some options how to make it water resistant.


Thanks LukePL, I think this solution is really nice for e-skates for it won’t work for e-mountainboard in all terrain usage. I have to put this on the upper side of the deck. I hope I’ll meet some other “symetry guy” one day… :sweat_smile:

This Hole, is just waiting for something to fill it out :rofl:


Hehehe so cool :slight_smile: Are you going to put it fins up or down?

This is the poor mans vesion. Tbh . We load a programm it knows our tools and tells us what to use… It also cost 5m a year.




Soon we can order :ok_hand:

Yes, I’ll organize it this week :wink:

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How much would the dual FOCbox one cost? I might be interested…

It’s 40euro plus PayPal fee and shipping. I hope to start production in upcoming week so taking orders (just send me PM)



Where to buy :sunglasses::slight_smile:

Hehehehhe you’ll be one of the first to know when I have them :wink:


If any one is interested I have some single enclosures for ESCape and they should fit @bimmer B-box.IMG_20180821_213310

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