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ESC's other than VESC

what ESC’s are you guys using other than VESC?
I have heard EZ run mentioned a few times… what program settings do you guys use on the EZ run?
any others other than EZ run?
I have used the HK 150A in a number of builds but it seems to have become discontinued.
I have also used the toro TS 150A but while it seems good. there’s a couple of things I personally don’t like about it.

All of castles escs for cars are great.
Hobbywing car escs are really good too.
Ezrun pro, xe run, max 6 and max 5
Both companies have really good software and programming is nearly fool proof.
-forward only/ with brakes between 50 and 80 percent. Medium to hard start depending on the gearing and wheel size.
All of these escs have built in becs and power switches too!

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I am going to use TorqueBoards 12s ESC.

I’m currently using a set of Favourite 120 amp 6S ESCs from and I like them a lot. Programming is dead simple and they come with a power switch and a BEC, so your receiver is plug and play.

I love them. My only complaint is that they’re tall because they have fans in their heat sinks. I had to raise my box a few mm to accommodate, but not a big deal. I’m running them at 80% throttle and 40% reverse with brakes. I set medium acceleration which in combo with the throttle settings gives me a more reasonable top speed that doesn’t kill my range so thoroughly, but hills are still fine.

I may source a large, low profile heat sink and mount them both to it and lose the fans. That would allow me to have an exposed heat sink on the board’s box while still having it waterproof because I could seal the heartsick into the hole I cut for it.

Dual TorqueBoards 12S ESC. Much easier for on the fly programming :smile:

Have a board though with Dual VESC as well.

VESC is by far better however…just difficult to program for most including me.

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Yeah I have actually ordered a VESC I have been following the progress on ES since the beginning. so yeah I have no doubts about it being fantastic ESC.

I’m just also interested in what else is out there that people are using, and how easy they are to setup etc.

I think the vesc isn’t actually that hard to program, as in if you just do motor detection or load a pre saved motor configuration and don’t change any other settings, then it still works better then others that I try.

I’ll work on making an easy gui for the vesc with a list of motors from a drop down and it just has the recommended settings for that motor.

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