Esk8 after Surgery

Yeah so last month I took a dive going 18mph and broke my right ankle. Had three screws installed in my tibia. I won’t be walking again until July and then rehab. At some point I plan to ride again once I feel strong.

Has anyone else broken their ankle from esk8ing? How long did it take for you to ride again? Do you get any pain from the road vibrations? I’m hoping these screws aren’t going to be a problem.

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Ouch, sorry dude.

Whatever happens take the correct amount of time before getting back on that ankle, especially for something like skating. Those vibrations will irritate the hell out of a wound.

Perhaps when you get back on you should try get some pneumatics under your feet?


I was on 107s but I fell because my trucks were too loose and I was going too fast over a 3 ft wide rough patch on a bike trail. Stupid mistake. I will put the tires back on though.

I have to find a good ankle brace and better shoes too. I wore vans high tops but they were tied loose. I may try cupsoles. The supra breakers and nike dunk sb highs both look like they have better ankle support.