Esk8 alternator/ Onboard generator

To be fair, I ordered a few days before that and they charged me VAT tax so I had to cancel and reorder and that pushed me into the second batch by 2 orders. I think they felt bad so Carl helped me out. You’re in the first batch though

The linked generator runs on hydrogen. It wouldn’t be ideal as you’d have to find a source of hydrogen and can’t capture it straight from the air (don’t think). But there’s a bunch of energy capturing devices that could be useful on a board with no losses to the system. Solar, piezoelectric, the thermoelectric jammy above

sorry, i was referring to the one linked in the first post. I’m pretty sure most methods of generating power won’t be a net gain. I do know that the power cost to harvest hydrogen exceeds the energy gained by burning it

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Oo you were talking about that.

It wouldn’t be burnt hydrogen though. Fuel cell.

Maybe not it’s time yet but seems producing hydrogen is getting cheap n clean. Rather ethanol fuel cell though as it’s easy to handle and easy to make

energy dosdent get destroyed or created it only gets turned into another form, so that means that you would get back very little usable energy.

most of it would be turned into heat and the drag from the alternator belt would chew up alout of energy too

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Check out this thread. Most people just carry extra batteries connected to a boost converter to boost to charge voltage, and charge while riding that way.

95% of the time I’m riding I’m charging at 5 amps at the same time constantly. At the end of group rides I’m always at 90-98% battery while most others are dead.

Another benefit to charging while riding is reduced voltage sag! 5A towards my power output helps noticably with my 25R pack.

Anyways, just having an extra battery to strap to your board seems a lot easier than carrying a generator with fuel. Plus, that generator by default can only do 4.8V at 800mA, or 3.8W, upgradeable to 4W… While my boost converter does 200W easy and it’s the size of a focbox, but taller with the heatsink. I’d say 100W is the lowest I’d want to go for charging while riding.

instead of bogging down your forward motion with more resistance by trying to extract electrical energy from it… essentially regen braking…

maybe try using something like a larger magnet motor to spin a smaller generator.


only problem with that is that more bms weren’t designed to be charged and discharged at the same time even though it can can be done

It’s at least impossible for a given wire to have current flow in both directions. A BMS that has one set of negative side wires (shares charge and discharge connection) will not charge through it when being “boosted”. It will simply split the load between each pack.

Can’t speak for BMS’s with a dedicated charge port though. Those seem special.


Most bms have separate change and discharge leads especially the cheap ones off of ebay.

I would argue that conflict is.

Or just boredom.

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Nothing moves technology faster than a war. Sad but true.

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People finally hand over the big monies for science when its time to kill eachother.

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Nail on the head there fella

Yo guys just buy this it’s bit expensive but would propel you forever on the board never would need to charge.


Is that iron mans heart?

Nah that’s arc reactor… In iron man movie it’s a fake.


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Has it actually worked practically. Fusion.

“Up until now, however, the magnetic coils responsible for producing the magnetic fields have proven to be a huge bottleneck in the process.

The ARC reactor is slightly different to other tokamak systems in that it uses new commercially available superconductors made of rare-earth barium copper oxide (REBCO) superconducting tapes.”

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Shit I thought that was real. So spiderman was not really bitten by a spider then? I used to think you knew your stuff but after that comment …