Esk8 and Coffee

So, what do guys you do when you stop? Like a snack break in the middle of the ride?

Why not have a fresh, perfect cup of coffee?

I made this pot a while ago. It is actually a more refined and repeatable version of the original design, which is my daily office coffee maker.

Now, the bigger version requires more power And it’s kind of useless, I mean who would want to carry a large, heavy battery along with it?

Unless, you are already carrying one…or, riding one

Just plug it in to the esk8! :slight_smile:

And enjoy a fresh, perfect cup of coffee at any stop, anywhere.

3D printer files: Thing 2710313 Assembly instructions: Instructables

Happy holidays, Dani


Invention of the year award?

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If I made that (Which is now considering it) I would use it to make ramen.:smiley: And maybe coffee if I run out of ramen.:wink: This would be perfect for those people going on 100-mile rides.


maybe on your off days you could do a pot of tea and cucumber sandwiches? :smirk:

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forget the coffee maker how bout that board? how big are your feet? pretty awesome. id love to see a video of you stamping it till it snaps. never seen a board like that. you print the orange parts and design it?

I only drink iced drinks. Please add a battery powered ice machines as well. Many thanks.


Put it on kickstarter and get you a ton of money heheheh

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@Hummie here you go: No snapping :slight_smile: The width is close to regular boards, no discomfort.