ESk8 are you Interested a Competitive Build-Off with Prize $$$?

I would like to see if there would be interested in a competition on ESk8 to develop and build a custom board for $500 dollar prize that I will place in escrow prior to start of competition.

Rules and voting for the winning board would be developed by the ESk8 community…my initial idea is materials must be less than $1,000 or maybe $1,500. The community votes on top 3 build concepts that would be in the final build-off. The board that wins I would have an option to purchase for the material cost + prize money. I think this could be interesting. What do you think? I am open to your ideas on budget or prize amount or overall competition concepts? Who is the the best DIY Builder as voted by the forum?

Are you up to the challenge?

Thanks, Kevin


@longhairedboy would win. I am calling it. :kissing_heart:


I think this is the forum


Sure, I’m up for the challenge. Sub - $1500

One Lehner outrunner. Motor mount. DIYed and 3d printed. Deck. Just some spare wood. Trucks. 3d printed. Bushings. I’d use my old ripped caliber stock bushings. Can’t find any other use of them anyways. If they don’t fit, I’d just 3d print bushings. Remote. I’ll just have an on and off stitch. No signal drop outs. Batteries. Going with the old AAs because availability and wouldn’t need charger. ESC. Soon enough someone will put one up for grabs in the freebie thread. Risers. Please advise. Don’t want wheelbite! Wheels, bearings, wires, connectors also from the freebie thread. I love that thread! Edit, almost forgot to add springs because of new tech and no more wobbles!

Total cost ;

Lehner motor 1225 usd 3d printing filament 10 usd Skateboard stabilizer springs. 200 usd Batteries 20 usd (If you guys offer free) shipping 0 usd

All comes down to 1455 usd

Good luck, guys!

(PM me on where to send the 500 usd!)


I see what you have done. But I think if we were to have a skateboard build-off we have some really good opportunities to give back to some family members who lost loved ones recently (Derek and Randy).

What does that look like? To me it looks like a competition build off with a raffle. In addition to this forum there are multiple FB groups with thousands of members. While few will drop big dollars on a custom board, plenty would spend a few dollars on a raffle ticket or two for a good cause.


The pro builders do this every day, take $1000-1500 materials and with love and labour turn about another 1k off it. So I doubt they want to jump into this ‘competition’, it would be a net loss.

And then there are the duct tape people, they want in this competition.

You’re probably best waiting for a nice board to come up for sale, they go from time to time. With a budget of €1500 you could get a really nice esk8


LOL you-got-me-good-you-fucker


YES. Duct Tape Wars INITIATE!


Sign me up!



I like where you are going with this and would be interested in hearing your ideas for build-off raffle to give back to the lost members of this community. How would you structure the competition? I also would suggest that all monies be held be trusted member or admin of the forum as I am not looking to benefit in anyway other than to see what this community can do…


This competition should be about creativity and innovation and duct tape is always welcome as it is a staple in my opinion…

I would like to see if their would be…

Gammer rules. Must use “there”.The word “their” relates to a person’s stuff such as “their eboard”.

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Thank you…corrected.

I was also thinking all builds must be documented from start to finish so the community could see the process as it happens and weight in on ways to make improvements. This should not be about taking an already built board and submitting it.

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@b264 You were late on this one, man… Table was set! :joy::joy:

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And then I misspelled grammer and used gammer. Whelp. The deed is done.

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Grammar and science are out of fashion and I think they’re about to be turned off.

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That’s sexy

i probably wouldn’t enter since i literally do this professionally and this is something that i think should be left to talented enthusiasts.

Also i’d be fool if started thinking i was the best builder out there. There are people i find all the time that i have plenty to learn from, and i do. Got to stay real and remember where you come from.


I am trained in the art of taping valuable exposed electronics to the bottomside of the board with nothing more than Home Depot-sourced adhesives. I have set off countless redflags at the TSA line at the airport. It is not just a skill, but a lifestyle.

You see this board I built here?

Some may call it “cleaner”, but I call it boring.

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