Esk8 battery pack idea need help

Hi I’m new to this esk8 stuff and am currently builds my own electric longboard I’m I’ve got some lipos but I’ve recently found out I can get my hand on some small battery pack and was wondering if it’s possible to connect them into a larger pack for my board?

From looking at the images those are made with simple AA Batteries - they will not be able to deliver the needed currents. Lipo or Liion is what you want.

Even if get a heap of them and make a larger packs and connect them in series and parallel? @Maxid

you would need so many that you’d probably build the first esk8 trailer to take them all with you :wink:

Haha ok cheers

it says on the side they are alkaline. you would need hundreds of them to make anything worth while… stick with lipo’s or li ion’s

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