ESK8 Bundle focbox unity’s and other almost complete builds

The only items I don’t want to let go (in the bundle) are the 2 fox box unity’s currently in that 4wd build. I would like to sell those separately.

I’m not gonna list what I got because it would take hours.


how much for the box xD

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There are two, idk make an offer.

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I’m looking for a reliable vesc because I somehow managed to screw up my last two (first unity, then mboards vesc6.6) so if you happen to have one in one of those boxes and would be willing to part with it for a fair price I would be eternally greatful. Please let me know. Thanks

Jesus fakk man that’s a stash


Sent you a message, thanks.

I could use two motor mounts n an esc or vesc

hi how much for board on the right as it is