ESK8 Calc Query

Ok so im trying to figure out what size battery etc, im trying to use the calculator but i really dont know what im doing when it comes to battery specifications.

My requirements are:

  1. I would like 40-50km range bearing in mind i am 120kg (260lbs)
  2. not too concerned about speed so would say tops of 25-30kph (20mph) as im more in carving and enjoying the ride
  3. will be used for street only as I already have a off road board

I put the figures in bellow but have no idea whether thats feasible and wouldnt even know where to start to build a battery from

So im screaming HELP ME!!! PLEASE

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It looks like you’ve put 14 poles, but I’m picking there’s 14 magnets so then it will be a 7 pole motor, I think that’s how it goes at least. 6P of 3Ah might be enough but I would try to get 8P in there if there’s room for it. The calculater sheet won’t know if you’ve got a head wind, allow for capacity loss with age etc. Also better for battery if you don’t fully drain it as well.

I think that calculator is being a bit generous on your range.

Since your gearing is crazy low, you won’t have much torque on this setup, so you’ll likely be compensating with the throttle, so riding inefficiently. Better to have a lower top-speed and a more torquey (fun ride)

If you can use a bigger Wheel pulley, or a lower kV motor, that should give you a better setup.

12S6P - made of 18650 will likely be able to squeeze out 40km on a good day. But as @Timmy says, it’s borderline capacity for your spec.

If you can upgrade to 21700 cells (40T or P42A) 4Ah per cell, you will get that range you want, or go up to 8P in the smaller cells.

Remember your batteries will be the heaviest thing on this board, so do you really want 50km?

Is it worth carrying the extra 24 cells (1.1 kg) of batteries you need on every ride?

Good morning, thank you so much for both your replies has definitely given me more of an understanding, I’m happy to go down to a 12s6p and increase the pulley size but i can’t seem to find anything bigger than a 15t - 40t

I am planning to run approx 107mm wheels so def have the room to fit bigger

Where can they be sourced from?

I’ve just looked back, as I’m building myself this Flipsky group set. I thought I had 44t pulleys that pushed into the 105 cloud wheels. But seems as though I’m rocking 40t as well. I went for 140kV, but that was more because every other motor I own is 190kV, so I wanted to see the difference.

You’ll be just great with 15-40t gearing, it was more of a suggestion to keep in mind to make sure you didn’t go too low on that, as you won’t be using that high a top speed, so making sure it isn’t gutless on the accelerations is important for a fun ride. These motors handle better with a bit of speed, so

Oh yes, it won’t be gutless in any way with any of these set-ups. These motors are so powerful compared to pre-built boards, as 12s gives you all the power you need, we are really just talking about small optimizations to the ride.