Esk8 Calculator

Nice, thank you!

awesome, looks pretty neat too!

I might have a feature request though, since we have the discussion right motor kv for vesc and stuff, might be a good idea to as well add ERPM calculation results, just a idea.

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ERPM is Engine RPM right? That should be Motor RPM on the right side of the page… (I could put an ERPM label in there…)

No it’s Electrical RPM

It’s electrical rpm motor, rpm x7 for a 14 sator motor I believe

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Not sure, it actually might be just a VESC related value, I didn’t find the actual wording for ERPM.

Here is the post from @chaka I did relate to:

@makevoid thanks this is awesome! Great work! This is a nicer looking package than the one we’ve always used.

I’ve always felt that rider weight should be a factor that can be added to the calc. collectively we should figure out the math required to add this input, since we all agree that it plays a huge role.

Also, some day let’s add battery capacity (mah) to the calc so that riders can predict a little bit about ride time and distance assuming ideal conditions. You could use @lowGuido’s chart about riding time as a simple input to begin with.

Finally, how can we express torque in this calc? It would be useful to use the rest of the inputs along with rider weight to determine the hill-climbing ability of the build.

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you could use this one:

It’s actually a 12 stator motor with 14 magnets (7 pole pairs)

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@makevoid YES!! This is pretty cool. I like the old ESK8 calculator, but I love this one! :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

I like the page, but have a small criticism on it. One reason toddy’s calculator was nice was because it easily fit in 1 screen, but on this one I have to scroll down to see everything. It’d be nice if you could readjust everything to fit in 1 screen :slight_smile:

Also, could you add a 100th’s digit for the ratio? Right now it rounds the ratio up. (Example: 36/16 shows as 2.3:1 ratio when it’s 2.25:1)

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slap material design on it and it would be perfect :slight_smile:

good observations! thanks for the feedback, I rounded gear ratio to the 2nd decimal now and added some custom css on top of bootstrap’s default to shrink the vertical spacing a bit, does it fit now? otherwise I can put the gearing column on the right so there are 3 columns not 2 in the top row :slight_smile:

It’s actually bootstrap, maybe we can find a better bootstrap theme or color scheme than the default grayish one? :smiley:

Thanks! Still have to scroll though :frowning:

3 columns here we go :smiley:

Perfect!! :thumbsup: A cooler background would just be an added plus! NIce work!

Here is a testimate to how accurate this is mind blown (science tends to do that to me)

I think that if you would be able to fine tune the ‘weighted’ speed you could get it dead on. Maybe add another field where you can input your own weight, and add like 4 pounds for the electronics. Anyway great work!

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Great job @makevoid thank you for this!

I’d like to make another request if you can accommodate :slight_smile: With Toddy’s calc I can input decimals into the ‘s’ count on the battery cell section. This was useful because I can simulate what my speed would be under full charge or various voltages in between.

I’d like it if I could either also put decimals for the ‘s’ count on this calculator or if I could put voltage manually instead. This would make me completely convert to this calculator!

Thanks again for your work.

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