Esk8 conversion kit from for a first build?

Dear board,

i want to order the parts for my first build next monday and i dont know if the conversion kit pro 3 from diyelectricskateboard is worth the ~1340€// (4A charger, 15mm Belt, 218 trucks, international shipping (EU)) https:///collections/electric-skateboard-conversion-kit/products/pro3-electric-skateboard-conversion-kit

i wanted to buy the mechanical drivetrain parts for my build from the website, when the support hit me up and told me that i should look at the kits. Tbh it doesnt look bad to me and it has everything i want. dual drive 6374, battery 10s3p or better (it got a 12s4p) and high quality parts (aluminium motor mount /metal pulleys). I am 6’3, 280lbs and got 10-20% hills in my area. i need a durable vehicle. it will be used almost daily. Waterproofing seems nearly impossible with that enclosure tho.

I just need a deck for it. I was thinking about a redember board if i can get my hands on one. If not landyachtz Drophammer because its kinda flat on the bottom and stiff.

The only thing i dont like is the enclosure. i think the layout of the batterie pack could be restricting for getting a new enclosure?

Is this a good option for a big dude like me? what are good additions/upgrades to the pro kit 3? thx for having me

Thats a bad ass kit right there. Its a very good place to start.

Only issue is the battery is double stacked so clearance will be an issue depending on the deck but its an excelent battery.


Is it possible to take the batterie apart and make it a flatpack?

other than that how much of a problem will clearence be if i want to go with 97mm wheels but drop through?

dont do that. if you need a single stacked 12s4p pack just let someone build it for you (pjotr for instance) - drop through: go single stacked.

the TB battery includes a bms, charging plug, display and on/off switch. it was my first battery and is still going strong. bulky but like a tank.