ESK8 Conversion of E-glide - A SUCESS


First, I would like to express my appreciation to the participants active on this board. I came into this project knowing nothing and through reading many, many posts and asking a few questions have been able to convert what was state of the art in the 90’s to a modern ESk8. The board I started with was the E-glide ultimate carving machine and I have nothing but positive things to say for the Santa Monica E-glide team, they are solid group of passionate manufactures of ESK8 actually one of the pioneers.

I wanted to covert a very heavy (80lbs, single motor drive SLA) board and that was the start of the project.

e-glide electric skateboard top view

The deck, trucks, wheels, battery and enclosure were still in good shape, so I wanted to save these original elements. The trucks were produced by Ground Industries in Germany and are cool technology. If you’re interested do a search on Ground Industries Bionic Truck.

elide GI Electric Skateboard rear

So here is what I did in order of events:

  1. I had to find a motor mounting system that would work for this truck. It has a 12mm solid axle with 2mm x 2mm aluminum body over the axles. Yes nonstandard… but thankfully Rithblu at All Terrain Creations ATC made me a set of custom hanger clamps. Solid workmanship. +++++ customer service.

  2. Scoo_B_SK8 sold me two Focbox vsec and because I was in town delivered them. He was faster than Jimmy Johns. He threw in some terminals for motor hook_up. Scoo_B_SK8 is also a ++++++ guy and will look to do some summer rides with him and others in Minneapolis. He just launched a website so give it a look…Sooo_B_Sk8

  3. Torque Boards - 6374 190Kv sensored, Nano-x, Motor pulley, XT60 and XT90 connectors…ect The guys turned orders around ASP and also were able to answer questions I had ++++++ company!!!

  4. Evolve Skateboards - they had wheel gear 72T and hardware kit included to mount to MBS Rockstar Hubs. I wish I could find a US source for a 66T in aluminum that mounts to this wheel however still looking.

  5. Amazon Stuff - general Items wire, solder, iron, deck tape, ect…

Here is the current build still need to install hall sensor wires this evening - Took it out for first spin and was so nice… way too fast to go full throttle but lots of torque on hills and from start. The 15mm belt was so smooth and never skipped even when braking hard. Too much fun!!!

Here she is:



I would like to again thank you all for the help! and guidance,



Nice recovery of an old board. How much did you spend upgrading this board?

That is SOLID! Talk about a few countries coming together…torque, evolve, ground, e-glide. can’t wait go ridin’ with ya!

Thanks Allen,

Motors 120x2 = 240 FocBox 135x2 = 270 Motor Mounts Dual = 94 Belts and pullies = 75 Nano X = 65 MIsc wiring = 40

Total: all in approx -$750

Batteries? Did you upgrade

Thanks Soo_B_SK8,

You had a hand in this build…put about 10miles on tonight and it was a blast…


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I had already upgraded the batteries through E-Glide with original brushed motor assembly. The pack is a 10S5P…really seems well build has been rock solid.

The economics were not to bad as I really wanted to do the project and haven ridden this board for so many miles i just know it…The upgrade gives it more range and a whole hell of a lot of power and top end.

Thanks for the shout out , you did a great job on that setup look awesome.

How are the trucks? Do they steer / handle nicely?

Havent seen that many builds using them… they almost were my first choice but in end I got board with different trucks

The trucks are very stable and depending on the torsion block the stiffness can be adjusted. I have them fairly stiff as I use on road and trails. The nice thing is when going fast the board feels secure under foot and does not experience speed wobble.


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