| Trampa | eMTB | direct drive gearbox | 2x 6374/200kV sensored | 10S/4P | VESCs


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I forgot the opening for the Motor cables


You’re such a tease, you know that? Makes me want a set now!

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We have enough experience with the gears. That we can say that the system holds. I will be finished in January the first1000km with the first Generation Transmission After that I will to dismantle it And post a pictures from the Gear wheels The new transmission will only Lighter and more compact. And i hope that the cost will be lower.

The Motorholder i have finished


I have make a test ride with my Trampa by 8 °C

I want know how well the Battery working by cold weather

This has come out :joy:

That was the cover for the New Gearbox.

For the first test´s i will make a Frame out 3D print.


Do you have any special settings in the VESCs? I thought there are bad to use on EMTB, I’m using two VESC on mine and i’m affraid to fry them…

I drive the VESC in Original setting

with 10S/5P LG HE4 12.500mAh

2x 6374 Motor with Hallsensor and FOC modus.

Battery start and end 31Volt and 29Volt.

So i come with the 5P 22-25Km.

I drive my Longboard with Hummies Hub Motors dual

the same settings 10S/3P with LG HE2 and came 26-28km with FOC too.

Without problems :joy: :joy:

Have a great time


I forgot,

the Motor have 200KV and 3300W

The first Frame for the prototype was finished :relaxed:



Why not use helical gears in a system like this? Feels like they would outperform standard gears in basically all categories.

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The whole thing would be too complicated It is also about the costs not too high. Even in the car industry is used in this way the cost was kept low

Hi can I buy one on these direct drive mounts?

Yes you can :joy:

But pleas we need a little bit Time to testing

wich Material the best.

This what you see was an prototype.

I waiting for a price for the Anodize that the Motorholde are in black too.

Have a grate time.

What would be more complicated? Everything can stay the same and only the gear shape is designed a bit differently. Just look at @captainjez

I don’t think that helical shaped gears work well. You will transfer a lot of axial load into the tiny motor bearings. A V shape would be the proper solution, but again to complicate in manufacturing. Additional the regular teeth can transfer more torque with less friction.

Edit: I’m sorry I googled again and have to correct myself. The helical gears can transfer more load!

Also with helical gears, you would need some thrust bearings, making the assembly bulkier and more expensive

Spur gears are generally louder and clunkier than helical gears. There’s a lot to consider when making gears in general though. Helical gears do produce axial forces and you need something to counter this. Herringbone or double helical gears can get around this problem but they’re twice as hard to make as regular helical gears.

We’ve spent a lot of time working on our gear setup and have run many thousands of hours of testing under different loads and forces.

Helical gears are complicated to make, but are quieter and smoother running than a standard spur gear. Lubrication is a big factor to consider as well as the heat generated.