Esk8 Engineering Presentation followup

Thank you to all who contributed to my Esk8 Engineering Presentation! I will be presenting it fairly soon to the high school I attended. For those who want to see the final project, here it is:

I am still open to constructive criticism and advice. Especially spelling and grammatical errors (keep in mind it is a presentation, it won’t be complete sentences.

Again, thank you all!


u could explain a little more on range. why 20whrpm?

That I’m honestly not sure, I just looked at a website that said the average for a single motor drive is about 20whpm. Do you know of a way to calculate that?

I’m not too sure. I think it is based on measurement. it really differ from person to person to motor size and controller. I usually calculate 8 for small motor 10 for large single. dual would be 15 to 22. But I found 10 works for the most of the times. because I dont always go 30mph also regen range usually gives 10 percent more range on top. based on my experence tho.

u can refer to here

And also there is nominal voltage so make sure to use right voltage

For dual drives - street wheels use approx. 10 Wh/km and AT wheels about 13 Wh/km - of course depends on weight of rider , amount of hills , how fast you ride , road surface wind etc but above nos always seem to work on average for most of the time - I check this most rides on metr app.

Just wanted to point out that Tesla uses a 3 phase induction motor (which is 3 phase AC like you said), but that our esk8 builds also use 3 phase AC. A VESC in FOC mode is effectively an inverter.

Tesla batteries are also lithium ion, not lithium polymer. So esk8 can use lipo instead of only lion.

I think I explained that in the presentation in the last slide. I planned on talking about it for sure though. Thanks!


Wh/avg range in mi