Esk8 fatality - Hawaii

@Bobby you okay dude?

40 year old man riding at 11oclock at night is what comment suggest :hushed:

Not Bobby at least


I hope nothing like texting, distracted driving or alcohol was invloved. My deepest sympathies for the family and friends.


It would be interesting to find out the details of this. I’m guessing the rider was hit from behind. Either way it is always the drivers fault and now the 19 year old kid has to live with the fact he killed someone because of whatever he was doing at the time.

He could have been just driving and didn’t see the guy. We don’t know what happened yet. Just sucks though and is more reason to be lit up like a Christmas tree at night.


Oh no! Always sad to hear. Please everyone keep safe.


So sad to read this…

Hearing these stories of loss is so tragic.

@Arzamenable you were in hawaii, yes?

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@akhlut I think Dr.Mike was in riding with the SD crew for Halloween.

This sucks, we are always vulnerable, but even more so at night.

So sad :frowning:

I wonder if was wearing gear or not unfortunately until now I have not heard of an esk8 death with a person wearing protective gear. But if a car hits you hard enough no gear will save you.


John William Myers aged 48… was he on here?

Deepest sympathies to his friends and family.

but he might know some peeps there

Bloody tragic. So sad to read about this stuff and my deepest condolences to the family. Happened here a few months back in similar circumstances. Late at night rear car collision. Stay safe and very bright at night people.

This is horrible…Do we know if he was on the Forum? I just sent a board to Hawaii a few months ago.

oh man…this is sad…:disappointed_relieved:

damn…I hate to see these posts, so sad and horrible for the family, my thoughts are with you.

Fuck… Here I thought this day couldn’t get any worse, and then I see this. Skate in peace man. So sad :frowning_face: