eSk8-Flea Market EU/WW_Small Cheap Parts_Hm-10 Bluetooth Android Oreo Compatible_Volt Meter_3DPrinting

List updated

Second round of donations sent :smile:

@notger Made a donation by buying Bluetooth modules from @rey8801. Ciao ciao

Third round of donations…

@Sherriffwhalley Made a donation by buying Bluetooth module from @rey8801. :wink:

What is you’re price you ask for printing? Start cost? Cost/h? Cost/gram?

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Hi, depends mainly on the model, filament, infill %. It’s difficult to tell it before hands. If you want pm the model and I can have a loook :smiley:

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Wow that came fast! Thanks again @rey8801. That shipped quicker than things i buy in my own country. :blush:

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Thank you for let me now. My pleasure! Thx man!

How do you send all the stuff? From which service? Because the shipping prices are pretty cheap!

It’s the local post service. They are quite fast but of course you have to stay within certain size. Find for the small stuff I listed :wink:

Little update…More HM-10 modules came. 3 sets of red and 1 of black countersunk available too. :smile:

can I have 2 sets please :slight_smile:

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EDIT: Blue, purple, 3 black and 1 red countersunk available. :laughing:

Updated the list. New M4 aluminum and stainless steel threaded insert added :laughing:

@rey8801 How much for a module without wireing if possible shipped to Spain? +Ack donation

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As reported is 9 Euro wired. 2 euro shipping EU. And 0.10 Euro for donation. It’s symbolic I will then donate part of the money for the module :wink:

Sorry. I meant wireing not worrying. Is that possible? I want mine with an inline switch

If you want only the module, I can do 5 euro for it.

Fourth round of donations…

@lockeboss @jaatis @mikedv
Made a donation by buying Bluetooth module from @rey8801. :wink:

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This is a good idea of yours

One thing i dont get, what are those m4 anodized countersunks? where do you use them for?

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