eSk8-Flea Market EU/WW_Small Cheap Parts_Hm-10 Bluetooth Android Oreo Compatible_Volt Meter_3DPrinting

Hello folks! Basically from my first build I have some small parts left, that I am not going to use in the near future, so I thought I could give them to someone who need them faster than Chinese markets, but still cheap. I do not have a lot of them, so I apologize if something will soon be over :laughing: As the title claims, I am going to sell only small parts because I can keep the shipping cost low, for big and expensive stuffs this is not the place. I will update the list if I find something else:

Price: 8 Euro / 9.4 $

  • HM-10 Bluetooth module Android Oreo Compatible. The module is plug and play. I solder the wires on it, insulate the single pins, then thewhole module (pictures below). Since most of us will use this module with @Ackmaniac 's App, I thought it would be nice give the opportunity to support his work. So if you want to donate, you only need to add a simbolic 0.10Euro/$ to the cost and I will transfer 10% of the total cost to him on your behalf. Of course I will specify your name in the donation.

PS: The remarkable art sketch is a tag for those who wish to donate :wink:

Price: 9 Euro / 10.60 $. + 0.10 Euro/$ to donate.

  • M4 Anodized Countersunk. Pack of 10. As we all know they bring additional magic to the board based on the color :roll_eyes: I have them in black, red, purple and blue.

Price: 4 Euro / 4.7 $ (set of 10).

  • M4 x 8mm Threaded Wood Inserts.


Price: 2 Euro / 2.3 $ (set of 10)

  • M4 x 11mm Aluminum Alloy Flat Head Threaded Insert

Price 3.50 Euro/ 4.2$ (set of 10)

  • M4 x 11mm Stainless Steel Flat Head Threaded Insert

Price 6 Euro/7.1$ (set of 10)

  • CAN Bus. SOLD

CAN-Bus__Vesc_Controller_600x600 (picuture as example, the wires may differ in colors)

Price: 2 Euro / 2.3 $ SOLD

  • 3D Printing Service. Since I know not everyone has a 3D printer (it should :sunglasses: ) if you have your design to be printed I can help. Prices differ based on the models and filament (ABS, PETG, PLA). pm who interested. Shipping cost can not be predicted beforehand.

  • Customizable Parallel Connectors XT60 XT90. I have few of them already made ,but I can also make it as you like…Female/male XT60/90.

Price 4 Euro / 4.7 $

  • I do also have other stuffs, cable sleeve, screws and bolts mainly m4 and m5. If you need something else just ask, I might have it


Shipping Cost:

Small letter EU (limited in size and weight) 2 Euro Large letter EU (for instance for the volt meter or combined items) 4 Euro Rest of the world 5 Euro / 5.9 $.

No tracking Based on the items I need to check which one to use.

Ciao ciao…


Perfect timing on sent :slight_smile:

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I will take 2 voltmeter and 2 bluetooth and 1 set of washer pls pm me! Cie Cie

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Updated the list

First round of donations sent…nice guys!

@onepunchboard @PartyPoison Made a donation by buying Bluetooth modules from @rey8801. Cool :grin:

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1 voltmeter and 3 BLE pls pm me!

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Wood inserts please! Will pm soon.

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Are there any voltmeters left? If so, I’d like one too.

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List updated! HM-10 module Android Oreo compatible. M4 Anodized Countersunk in all the colors shown.

Ciao :wink:

So you got the HM10 firmware update to work?

Yes I did, at the end was just bad connection I belive. Anyhow I got other modules already compatible, I did ordered them before. Thx for the help.

XT parallel connectors added :grin:

Hey @rey8801. Could i get a set of those wood inserts and a set of those counter sunk washers in red? Do you think you can get that in a small letter?

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I might be down to go in for some of those I’ve ordered like 2 packs of 50 from China over 2 months ago and they never showed up lol. And I can’t find anything local the smallest I found was like 1/4 inch at home depot.

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Hi! The red ones are a must I only have one set left for the the moment. Everyone goes for speed. Definitely a small letters for those items.

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That’s the reason why I have some left. I order everywhere and I waited forever to get them months later. Most of the things I ended up by pay them way too much. That’s why the flea markets.

Eveything you order this evening will be ship tomorrow morning… Efficiency :sunglasses:

Damn and you are even offering 3d printing services. Any idea on the cost of 2 torqueboards motor mount covers for 63 motors? I think imma wait to see if my shit arrives either today or tomorrow, if not you will be hearing from me lol.

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Pm the file and I will have a look. Sure no problem take your time. I am here. :wink:

Will this do?

Sure no problem. I will sent a pm.