ESK8 For Pokemon Go

I went on the Play Store and it still says its incompatible with Inte Atom chips :frowning: and yes it was for version 0.29.2 is it working for you somehow on your Zen fone, or did you just hear that its compatible?

No, I played all day. Find the apk online, most are safe. I think part of it is that the fix was released in Germany.

HELL YES FINALLY! IM TEMPTED TO GO RUN INTO TOWN AT 1:30AM TO CATCH EM ALL! Ohh and P.S. there are literally NO good usernames left, lol.

I’ve been :yum: playing for a week now. This is the :+1: best thing while e-bording. I also :biking_man: ride :train2: transit. This is :scream: :sweat_drops: sweet. I can cover much realestate. I also play ingress. So this isn’t a :new: platform for me. I just :leaves: wonder what are the new updates are going :yum: to be like. I will say this. Pay attention while you play. It can be distracting and addictive. Lol

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All the emotes almost gave me an anxiety attack.