ESK8 - gloves. The best Idea gets made and contributions get a set!

Hey guys,it has been a while! :hugs:

I will get right to it. Our boards are able to do pretty crazy stuff already. So naturally the rest has to adapt such as the rider, safety gear etc.

I was mostly riding with gloves since I feel naked without them. I never found an optimal way to hold the remote while still being able to use the pucks for slides or for cornering.

So here is the way I would like to solve it:

I got to know “BamBam Skate” better, a producer of gloves, pucks, grip/break soles etc. Skating with them and sharing the fun. Since everyone is using their gloves for quality and price I started asking if a special ESK8 - glove would be possible and immiately got a yes!

Here are some of their gloves :




So lets talk design, material, puck placement, shape and any other ideas you have.

Some initial thoughts of mine:

  • Banana shaped puck below the remote, with puck rises so it sits above the remote height wise.
  • Not sure if leder or fabric. Leather would offer more safety but a little less feel for the trigger
  • Not sure if full gloves or fingers cut for the trigger feel.


  • The best Idea will be produced and biggest contributions get a free glove!

  • Full leather glove with fabric fingers is possible!

  • grip print structure underneath for a better hold would also be possible.

I highly recommend Knox motorcycle gloves.

SPS pads on the palms instead of plain leather like most gloves have. The pads are small enough that you can easily still hold a remote and after a few slides can also confirm that they work. Never experienced a large puck glove meant for downhill tho.

Generally not a fan of all these flashy hipity-hop cool kids stipes and logos designs that these sporty skate and bike companies produce. I’m a grownup and a minimalist - I like plain designs, leather and high quality stitching work.

Edit: I’d like to mention that I’m not a trickster and have no idea how to use a puck, nor have I ever touched the asphalt at high speeds to do a fancy move. Gloves for me are purely a piece of SAFETY GEAR to save my hands from exploding upon me hitting the asphalt.


Yeah, design is something we can change i believe. And thats exactly what I want to know from everyone.

The idea behind using a downhill gloves so to say is the pucks and how they slide + you can change them. Once you start putting them down in most turns, being able to change them becomes a big factor.

So simple black, mayby with white stiching for you? :wink:

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Please somebody make a Puck glove that has form fitting, super thin fabric from the knuckle to tip of the trigger and thumb. They will have my money immediately. I’m tired of having to cut finger tips off of expensive gloves for fine motor control. I’m current just wearing one glove on my non remote hand


Since my accident where I basically de-gloved the tip of my thumb I’ve been using sector 9 gloves. I remove the puck from my remote hand as its not necessary since I don’t slide or need pucks but dont have any issues with a trigger remote and full finger gloves…i even rode an older board with a winning remote and had no issue with thumb throttle feel…but maybe that’s just me… And if you like carnage…


Checked with them. Its possible and I think that would be ideal. Safety but feel. I usually did the same and cut the fingers off…

So fabric wanted on thumg and index or all fingers?

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A shit man. Spills like that allways suck.

Yeah thats why gloves next to helmets and kneepads are a ln absolute must for me. I know they will save my ass like they did so mamy times.

The gloves you are using are fabric or leather?

I think that knuckle protection is a nice addition. I ate the road last year, and ended up punching the road with my remote hand as i had my fingers closed around the remote. Didn’t break anything but it left a nice scar. For the palm i don’t think that huge pucks are needed, as we don’t really use them to slide, so knox-like palm protections are fine.

Just thumb and index, they’re the only ones that bother me dexterity wise.

Alright. I still would like a small banana shaped puck underneath for people who want to slide.

I agree on the knuckle protection.

Let me see if I can draw something together what we discussed so far.


Hey man. Good to have you back! I think some level of puck is very useful. If you find yourself falling, being able to slide is very handy isn’t it? I mostly use sector 9 lightning with a puck cut in half on the remote hand and the index finger cut off. The pucks are probably too thick as they’re not for full time sliding. Lighter pucks would be ideal in my opinion. Perhaps a gel backer to the puck or under the Velcro in the hand for shock? The gloves are very heavy but fairly supple, perhaps a little bit lighter might be better? Now you’re back Jan don’t forget to check out

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Agreed. A wrist guard plastic sheet would be preferable to a massive puck for non sliders.

Glad to be back! So basically a riser puck but with absorbing material. Intresting.

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i love sector 9 gloves

This should work with a lot of remotes



nice i usally just go one glove saved me from falling im gonna have to look into these

i got 2 pairs… the bhnc? i think and they are light a thick fabric with reinforced finger tips… I got a heavier duty set like what you pictured from them as welll… than are leather, have the knuckle guard and a light protector for the outer blade of the hand should you slide and put a fist down or what ever…

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Hey guys. Thx for all answers and ideas. I hope much more will follow. We are able to respond to your wishes and make the ideal glove for you. We are a small and specialised company, thats why we are very flexibel and open for new ideas. Thx to Jan for the help here.

To the idea with soft pads under the puck, thats already realized in our dh gloves and yes it makes the “impact” much more comfortable. Will be the same for your e skate gloves.


We need a cutout on the skin side of the thumb, just enough so that you can use a thumb remote/Hoyt puck with your bare skin - but with very tip of the thumb still covered and the nail as well. Almost lost a good portion of my thumb the day after I cut the glove thumb off to be able to use my Hoyt. Shit’s scary

This ties in to my desire for a thin neoprene-like fabric that covers thumb and trigger finger from the secondary distal knuckle to the tip. This is the biggest feature I’m looking for in esk8 gloves.