Esk8 Halloween Costume Ideas Thread

There are probably some pretty cool halloween costumes to be made with electric skateboards so this is a thread where everyone can post there ideas :grinning:

here’s a good one to start off with:


i found this video of silver surfer :joy:


God danm Casey, always doing something crazy.


Oh my god- thankyou for the halloween costume idea!!! This is gonna be so awesome- im totally wearing an Aladdin costume and dressing up my longboard as i ride around campus

Lol this is fun. What other ideas you guys have?

Do you guys think it would be lame to copy the carpet?

now im brainstorming ideas with my gf…

what about cloudguy

mario kart

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I totally want to copy the carpet hahaha.

There has to be a dozen options of characters that would work… Think! hm…

haha you dont think its lame though right?

Not at all. Think about it, every custom anyone wears has been done by someone else before…

So it really doesn’t matter that it’s been done.

But if you want to be original, then keep thinking… There has to be another one that hasn’t been done on an eboard…

Here’s one!

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That’s true I need to do something cool this year.


Good times


I know some people have done this with those silly self balancing boards, but not on a longboard:


haha i do have a dragonball costume, so it should be very easy to wrap some wadding around my Simba Board :smiley:

also a nice idea would be to transform a board into a pet or something which follows you around and you could hopp on it. eeeeehm like a crocodile? :smiley:

I stand corrected.

Ah, you kids…

If you don’t know who this is, go ask your parents :slight_smile:


I have green pants and orange shirt, ive considered getting a turtle or dolphin facad and riding around like aquaman.

Maybe Poseidon