Esk8 hire santa ponsa majorca

Im head to santa ponsa majorca spain in a few weeks does any one know any one there that can hire me a board for 2 days with charger,

Hey dude i am in Mallorca but i am from South Africa. Santa Ponsa is pretty close to Palma the main city.

I dont know any places like that man but i can check around for you, only e-bikes for rent as far as i know.

I am actualy trying to raise capital to build my own e-boards to rent out here in Mallorca mainly mountainboards. I am the only one i know of that has a electric mountainboard here, its pretty insane , built it myself . Dual vesc 6.4s Trampa motors and motor mounts, 2 - 40v batteries one for each vesc :). If ya wanna meet up and go for a ride on it , we can do that .

Pictures of my board with old vesc 4.12s

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I could head up to meet u ill message u this week when ill be there …cant wait to see your board .

Hi Stephen here i will be there from Monday 31 till Sunday 6th the wife has a lot of things planed and me going to meet u to talk about eboards is not on the list but hey its on my list,

Let me know what suits you and ill try work around that,

Ill be there for the next week let me know if your free