ESK8 insurance coverage?

Hey guys, I’m just curious but is there any USA based company out there that offers insurance coverage for electric skateboards? I mean lets face it some of our boards can cost a few thousand dollars and things go wrong such as accidents, battery fires, theft, personal injury etc…

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I was renewing my UK home insurance and mentioned I own a eboard - they said no problem added to contents - this was before all we started seeing battery fires - didn’t even consider that at the time was more worried about theft.

They then tried offering me the eBike insurance they had, sadly my bajaboard is so far from road legal I couldn’t progress it further but they were open to the idea.

I would start by tracking down and ebike ins. providers but power of board might be a problem

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Usually renters insurance will cover something like this.

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even when if I built a battery myself?

we have a “object-insurance” here in Germany, where you can insure everything, like a pencil if you want. So i guess if Jennifer Lopez is able to insure her butt, you should be able to insure a board in the US too :wink: