Esk8 light kit (koowheel)

Hello guys,

I simply found these lights at a local skate shop and I have used them for a week and they are really fkn good imo and for the price. So I want another kit and he offered me a special deal for a quantity of 10-12 inc me. There are no branding etc on the lights and they are bright and you can configure if you want solid beam or flashing etc. Also water resistant.

See pictures below

Anyways more information and pictures can be found here

The kit includes 1 pair tail 1 pair front sets of brakets sets of screws

Its 400 swedish krones not including shipping ( apx 40 Euros plus 6 euros untracked world wide) Its a really nice price compared to a combo shred lights for 74.99 and the are just as bright and water resistant etc.

I am shipping from EU International buyers are welcome but its not worth the oversea shipping if you want tracked Shipping from Sweden tracked is high af.

Anyways I recommend paying gods and services the you add 3%. OR pay friends and family and skip the PayPal fee

As of now I will not accept any payments. I first need to know how many are interested if we could dubble the amount of lights and get an better deal.

So after a week from today I will look at the form and count how many are interested and then I will update here and send the payment information etc Shipping from me to EU is 4-5 days and the rest of the world maybe 2 weeks.

If you are 100% sure to buy a set please fill the form below. If you are unsure DONT fill the form.

Personal pictures below.

Any moderators have any complaints or something I am missing ?

Very important information. I am building another board and soon going to post a build thread and note that the name SOLAR BEAM is taken! so I will push you of a cliff or throw a wheel at you if you take that name

Have a nice day :smile:


Making a Build thread right now in 3…2…1

What would you say the WATT on these things are ?


Can we get a picture to see how far these things throw and how bright?

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Can’t right now but there are some videos on youtube

Put me in!

I saw them last week on that exact URL while looking for some shred lights for my build and I was just about to buy ones but these look much better.


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Cmon guys let’s get it going!

If no more people interested, how much the price would rise for a lower quantity batch?

Just asked him, he would be ok with 5-6 sets also, will will probably buy some stock to get the discount so no worries, price will stay that low atm

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This might save you a couple of Euro:

The Koowheel Onyx lights are not as bright as Shredlights, however, Koowheel’s lights are far more compact and work with most decks (even G-Bomb).

Regarding lumens, I question the practical value of Shredlights above 12MPH on a board that cannot tic-tac anyway.

If we’re comparing illuminated markers here, I’d recommend the Koowheel.

You may wish to spray-paint the Koowheel mounting brackets black prior to installation.

I agree, far more universal than shreedlights, Imo they are better because of price and I have already painted :wink:

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Just got the lights set from @Jammeslu and they look awesome, nice finish quality in black ALU.

Will post pics once I finish my build!

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