ESK8 Parts Database & Configurator

Hey guys, I made a google sheets document that allows you to fill in different battery pack, motor, gear ratio and wheel setups and then pick from the list of setups to make your board configuration. It will then do some calculations to give you your top speed and range.

You can check it out here. I’m pretty new to excel so hopefully everything works, try not to screw it up by adding random stuff anywhere in the sheet.

Any suggestions in terms of calculations too add or ways too idiot proof it?


Idiot proof is a challenge.

Riders, like their rides, are very personal.

You’d have to take into account rider height, weight, board length, axel size, motor diameter/length (and other specs), battery details (specs).

If you assume a VESC and a Space Cell, you cut down on the total sources of error by a lot. if you DIY your battery, theres a lot of errors to be made.

Just having a list/program will help, but it won’t solve the problem of simplifying the challenges ahead.

That just gave me an idea, it would be awesome to have a website with the same functionality as this, but let people up/downvote setups.


We are building an Esk8 Database. It is meant for collecting eboard build logs and just for easier overlook of the setups and also a feature to compare builds.

You can check Though the View Data page / list is not complete (functional yet) but you can check what data we are going to gather by clicking submit data and logging in with google account.

I know your idea is not exactly as this but I decided to let you know such project - idea exists.

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