ESK8 Parts for sale. Maytech/Psychotiller/Hoyt Puck

Got parts for a board but since covid, I didn’t end up using these parts. Everything is well taken care of. Feel free to give me an offer!

Trucks: Psychotiller Hexl Trucks 240 mm hangers with motor mounts.

Maytech Vescs: MTVESC 100A v4.

Deck/Enclosure/Battery: Deck is psychotiller, Enclosure is also psychotiller made out of ABS. it is a two-piece enclosure. There is a charge port and XT90s loop key on the black piece of the enclosure. The Battery is a 12s10p battery with 20700b Sanyo cells. It has a smart BMS, you can check the series voltages. The battery has seen extremely few cycles.

Wheels: Psychotiller six-shooters with new tires and wheel gears. The tires are new. I also have a bunch of belts(HTD 350 - 5M) along with a motor pinion gear(16T).

Hoyt puck with receiver: Nylon puck with the receiver.

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interested in how much anyone would actually pay for these, I would get them for R&D purposes though (I actually want pre bent ones)


I have ridden these trucks for awhile. I check the trucks every so often and have found no bend in these ones at least.

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left your weight out lol

Looks nice.

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Weight is 150 pounds

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nobody over 150 should buy then lol

How much for an ESC?

Interested in Hoyt puck. Let me know if you would do $60 shipped!

The Hoyt was just sold! Sorry!

Either of those escs still available? How much for one if so?

Price on six shooters?

Im looking to sell both escs together as theyre wired together atm. Sorry!

May be interested in the wheels, how much for the 4?

Wheels, Hoyt are both sold!

Are the VESCs still available and if so how much for the pair?

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Hi, do you still have the deck, battery, and trucks?

hey! the trucks are sold but deck, battery, and enclosure are still available!