Esk8 parts, Mountain Board parts, decks, trucks, belts, hubs, pulleys, motor mount bracket, and much more

Hey guys here are some parts that I need to get rid of as they are just taking up space. All prices are negotiable. Shipping is not included in prices below.

MBS ATS Trucks (slightly modified) - $30set/$20each

Truck Material- Die-Cast Alum. Hanger and Base; Cromoly axle Truck Color- Matte Aluminum – MBS Print King Pin- 3/8″ x 50mm (Cromoly) Suspension- Orange Bushing Axle Width- 38.9 © / 15.3 (in) Axle Diameter- 9.5mm image

MBS Hand Brake - $20


Bare Foot Boards Deck - $10

**30”x7.5” image image image

Moose Old School Skateboard Deck - $10

**10" x 33" **Black image image

Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° - $20/ Set or $15 each

image image

Drive Belts - $5 each

**HTD 320 5M 15mm width - 1 available **HTD 270 5M 15mm width - 1 available **HTD 255 5M 15mm width - 2 available image|666x500 image image


@luis99945 I think you are looking


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Are the hubs meant for the 8" tires? I might go for them+ the bearings and spacers…

Yeah they are for the 8” tires. If you let me know your zip code I can tell you shipping.

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I’m in Israel. Could you fit all four and the bearings into a small usps box? Also, would these work with trampa tires too?

It would fit into a USPS medium box.

It looks like the cheapest option is about $35. That’s first class mail by usps.

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Pm’ing you.

How much would be the shipping for the pair of Calibers to Japan?

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Looks like $32.25 is the cheapest option through USPS


I think a package(not a box) would still keep them safe enough and would cost much less :thinking:

not that youre wrong, lol

Lol that is in an envelope!

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yikes. what a robbery from the post office :sleeping:***

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Thanks for checking, shipping over here kills all good deals!


Still have the Decks, Trucks, Hand Brake, and Belts! All has to go! Make some offers boys!

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I need a set if motor mount bracket if it has not been sold

@Wilsonliang777 Hey, yes they are still available.

I can let you know shipping cost if you tell me where you’re at?