Esk8 parts Sale! 1x 6374 190kv motor, 2x Pulley kit with belt, 90mm wheels clones, Metr module

Old metr modules do not work with Oreo and above, slower and less reliable connection, but still possible to use for records, modes and stuff :slight_smile:

what a shame. :frowning: @Bjork3n I’ll pass, thanks though.

What should it cost to post that old metr module to Belgium?

3€ :slight_smile:

Pm send 10char

hey @pjotr47 i was first :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

On the metr pro module :wink:


They are still available both motors and pulleys.

Only 1 motor left.

Ill take the 90mm flywheel and a canbus.

Sorry they are sold :confused:

I’ll take tbe clones then

Updated parts that are left for sale :slight_smile:

Update. Everything sold except one motor. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Price on motor lowered. 65€

Shipping to county in the Eu is 25€20190706_201513 20190706_201440

Dang, had I known you’d lower the price of the other motor so much I would have bought it when I bought the first one :stuck_out_tongue:

Parts that are left. Give me an offer.

Need to get this sold, im about to move from my apartment :slight_smile: 16

do you have any parts left? I live in hbg If you want a quick trade! :slight_smile:

Deck is looking sweet, what do you want for it? also i can’t seem to see what those wheels are

Most likely… clones