Esk8 race Redmond Wa July 14


I’m from Washington hehe how many people here are from Washington?

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Lived in Wa 29 years, now SoCal is home. @Blacksheep Are you going to race?

I live in seattle!

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Ill be there with my 12s dual 6374 beast!!


Same here pretty much. 20 yrs in Spokane and now about 10 in San Diego.

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No, I’m in mexico so won’t be able

I’m from bellevue

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@MoeStooge, do you think you will have a set of those street wheel done that you could bring next weekend? Possibly even for purchase😉

Still in testing phase. What application you need. Diy or production? I could possibly have a set for you to try.

Diy, i wanna try them on my 12s build


Adam Parker took 3rd place riding his electrified Subsonic Century 40. In this picture he’s holding another Subsonic board, the Talon 37.

Congratulations Adam!


22 riders started this 4.8mile closed course race. What a privilege to race with these guys in front of the people of Redmond Wa during a public festival 11303


The holeshot!

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Great race… thanks for bringing up your beast board and showing us how it’s done lol!!

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