Esk8´s power died randomly while ridding

Hi guys, I need help. I have an issue on my old diy esk8. My esk8’s power died randomly while I ´m ridding it. The power is cutting and restart 5s later. I don’t know what it is ! The motor ? The vesc ? The battery ? The weirdest thing is that when the board is not on the ground the power is not cutting off. If someone has an answer it will be very nice! Thanks in advance ! Peace!

Please give a full list of parts, how long you’ve been riding, what conditions, and is there anything that you do just before it cuts?


VESC DIYelectricskateboard 213kv 6364 motor 10s5p battery bought ready to use I m ridding my esk8 for two years maybe in usual condition. (On road) The power stop particularly when the road is not really sweat /flat And it’s appears suddenly…

Did you buy the battery from them?

No I bought the battery from

Lol that’s your problem, it’s a fire hazard, the BMS is probably tripping because the cells are failing. You are pulling too much current and either it’s exceeding the cutoff current or the cells are unbalanced

Ok thanks a lot for your comment! What’s your advice ? An other battery I guess ? I would like to build my own battery with this kind of kit What are your thoughts ? Do you know where can I buy correct 18650 cells ?

i had something similar happen when i hit a car, turns out the xt60 cable disconnected itself

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Ok I will verify my wires! Thanks a lot!

Now there’s a story, the car did not hit an esk8r…

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it was on purpose lol, we were filiming a stunt in high school and i had to hit a car for footage

*i was only going like 15kmh nothing dangerous but the board still got a full impact

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Well the morale should be here, that you need to secure your components instead of blaming the connector or car :smiley: