Esk8 Security Products

I was just searching online for some various Esk8 things I saw in the pics only thread and I came across this website for a company I’ve never heard of till now (Skate Kastle) which has some really cool things. This company seems to have developed a couple very good designs for locking up your board, protecting your battery and electronics, and some very nice bash guards as well. It looks like they mostly have focused on these being aftermarket parts for Boosted Boards, Evolve, and Torque Boards, but they are also making DIY versions of these as well.

Most of these items are just good designs of already available products (like bash guards), but their Esk8 U-Shackle looks like a completely new design and way to lock up your board. Definitely going to be getting one of these!




Just in case, it should be known that I’m not affiliated in any way with Skate Kastle nor do I have any financial interests or anything similar with them.


They can still get all your electronics and motors though. Depending on how long you’re away I mean.


Carry it inside


Yeah I mean there’s probably no way to fully ensure they can’t get your board, but it would take a while to do it and would likely damage it. Also if there is some sort of traffic nearby that would likely discourage someone from trying to take it.

I would never leave my $3500 out in the open, regardless of a simple bike lock or not


I would likely be hesitant about leaving my board out somewhere locked up, but I think this is a really good design all the same.

Deck is cheap, board is long and provides amazing leverage.

It would take someone less than 3 seconds to lift that board up and snap the front truck off. They could then just walk off into the sunset with your money.

I feel like the only real way to secure a board is inside an over sized pelican case that is U locked to a pole. In which case you’d need to carry an over sized pelican case in your pocket.




I know the guy that made these, they’re built well.

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Oh cool, so have you seen these in person? I’m curious if the U-Shackle lock will work with other trucks then the Boosted Boards… Seems like it should, but would like to make sure. Do you know how the battery blocker works?

The battery blocker is for the boosted batteries, it replaces the battery plate for the boosted, and doesn’t let you unscrew it unless you unlock it. I msged the owner and told him to come on, hopefully he can answer some questions.

reminds me of a good friend who spent a fortune on 2 top quality locks for his pride and joy push bike. He left it outside locked to the bike rack at work, thieves came and took the entire bike rack with all the bikes locked to it.


Lol wow that’s some serious determination!

its a whole industry now :frowning: the police basically wont do anything even for motorbike thefts, had another friend call the police when a gang were angle grinding through 4 chains on his motorbike and told him straight they dont bother coming out even when he explained they would be at least 30 mins more to cut through all the locks and they had plenty of time to arrive and make an arrest.

still its better than the current “fashionable” way of stealing mopeds and motorbikes by throwing acid in someone’s face. some areas in london you cant get a takeaway delivered after 9pm because the drivers refuse to work due to the acid attacks. a 2 bed flat in those areas will still cost you the best part of a million us dollars through


Holy shit man that’s crazy, I haven’t heard about the acid attacks, that’s awful… I’d flip out if my local police didn’t even pretend to give a damn. I’m used to cops not showing up when I needed them to and of course showing up when I don’t need them. I just called the cops the other day and they didn’t show up. Super annoying…

Meanwhile, in the USA,



and this is what a LTC (license to carry) is for


seems b246 and i are on the same page xD

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In this state you don’t even need a license to carry. (2016 Missouri Senate Bill 656)

Don’t break the law and you won’t have to worry about what other people are carrying.

im in texas… sadly u need a license and mine got taken away for 5 years… but i have a giant bowie knife strapped to my hip… weighs the same if not a little more than my xds .45 loaded