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Hey everyone…

Some of you guys are pretty active on social media…and so am I.

A while back I started @Esk8_Squad on Instagram as a way to promote electric skateboarding via reposting other accounts photos and videos. I found that IG is a great place to promote what we all love to people that are new to esk8.

Today, I just opened up a facebook group page Esk8Squad I invite you to post up your pictures and videos, post up different group ride events in your city or cities that you are visiting. I’m not looking to replace this forum. I do want to promote esk8 in a way that is accessible to the demographic that will be future Esk8er’s.

Please join my group! Let’s expand the community out to the rest of the non-forum world.

So you all know…I’ll be the only admin about the moment. Post up. Be nice. And share the shred!

Facebook Group Page: (Open Group - For NOW)

Facebook Fan Page: (you will see the IG posts on the Fan Page)

Instagram Page:

Thank you guys and gals!


I’ve added @lowGuido and Eric at Shredlights as moderators :v:t3:

Represent. :punch: :v:

2,500 followers on IG and growing …




This is you? Lol i’ve been following you for a while now. didn’t even realized you run the account.

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Bwhahaha …

Yes yes it is

Brings a tear to my eye…thanks for reppin’ an @Esk8Squad shirt @Kaly


I need an ESK8 Squad shirt, and when I say need I mean need like my kid ‘needs’ to steal all my powered boards or like my wife needs to kidney punch me when I say stripper (but dont say paint) :smile: . So how do I get one?

Thanks man :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Plenty of love up in Montreal, so far the greatest place to ride, from the people to the city. They close the highway on Saturday night we went all out.

Keep up the good work promoting the life style.


Working on it

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I want one of those shirts. Esk8 squad PNW or maybe Esk8 Squad Bering Sea lol

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Reppin downunder!


I am digging that middle one! If it said Canada that would be cool too!

@lowGuido Me and @Kaly

Fuck yeah @JohnnyMeduse


Awesome company :slight_smile:

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Followed :sunglasses:! Props Mike! Keep grinding!

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Suggestions on places?