Esk8 that can go up hill and travel in plane

I am new to esk8, even for skateboard too. I want to build one that could go up in steep hills but I can take it with me in plane. Here’s my plan 5000-6000 mah 18650 6s TorqueBoards 120A 6S ESC 6374 motor x1 (since I live in China so I wanna and have to buy something cheap) wheels :83mm belt: 5M270

But then I found out that 6s might not be able to drive the 6374 Basically I think I am building a boosted replica, that it could climb hills and put on planes. I can’t really find the spec of Boosted as reference so do you guys have any suggestion for me?

Don’t quote me but boosed has a 99Wh = 12S1P battery using 26650 batteries. Wh = Number of cells in series * Voltage Per Cell * Amp Hours, so 3.3V * 2.5A * 12 Cells = 99Wh which is the maximum size battery you can take on a plane.

Get a new label made up with 99wh


On something like the raptor, or any board with a removable battery… You can travel with the board and ship the battery seperately to your destination.

@Trans-amers - We also do have 12S1P A123 same style pack as Boosted does as well. As @quinnyt2015 mentioned it is 99wh!

Do you want your space cell lost in mail. Easier to get sticker. I think this battery issue is over the top with the airlines… Or just find a hobby shop in place of destination.and buy a new battery.

Can you post a link please?

You can take your battery on board as long as it looks professional, and says something like “20v 4.4ah”

That way, when the airport security guys ask the wathours, you tell them; they can then verify it by doing the math if they know what they’re doing.

Haha when I was flying air new Zealand the guy was determined to find out the “mega hertz” of my battery, and I kept insisting that didn’t exist- I kept saying the watt hours of the pack, and that the flight rule was that it must be under 100 watt hours.

Basically to sum things up I got stopped at every airport, and each time all the security folks would get together, consult their sheet of rules, and then take my battery to the back office for 10 minutes. They’d either calculate the watt hours themselves, or just ask me, and then let me on my way.


@quinnyt2015 - diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/12s1p-a123-26650-epower-electric-skateboard-battery/

The current batch which we received is rated for 40a/80a so you’ll need an external on/off switch. We’re going to get these packs made again except the on/off switch will be built in.

They have 1,000+ life cycles compared to 18650 cells which are rated for about 300-500 life cycles.

I really wonder why there’s no “99wh battery” sticker template floating around on here.

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The most you can go if you want it to be airplane legal is 6s 4500 mah

I think 12s1p is a great choice if you frequently travel. It’s small, compact and rather than trying to game the system with a sticker, you’ll actually be within TSA rules. Not only that but the chemistry of LiFePO4 is very stable and can withstand punctures, high temps and shorts without safety issues. Just a little piece of mind when your 39,000 feet in the air.


12s (3.3v * 12 = 39.6) * 2.5ah = 99wh for A123 26650 12S1P 2500mah or 6S 4500mah 99.9wh.

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I was just looking at your website and saw this pack diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-battery-epower-pack-6s2p/

It says:

Our latest 6S2P EPOWER Pack provides 96 Watt Hours. To be legally able to bring your Electric Skateboard on an airplane or travel with it. You need a battery pack which is less than 100wH. Our 6S2P solves this problem.

6S2p 18650 Battery Pack with LG HE4 18650 cells

This doesn’t really check out, it’s not really 96Wh. 622,5Ah*3,6V = 108 Wh.

This 6s2p is actually a 2000mah cell. Samsung 20R. Need to fix that. Thanks for catching that. 6s4ah = 22.2*4 = 88wh

Since I am just 67KG, I think I can make one with single 6374 and a 12s1p battery, can I? Also I never know what does P means in 12s1p, I do know that 12s = 12 cell in series which the voltage adds up. Will a 12s1p overkill one 6374?

P means parallel. Parallel increases amp hours. Look at the specs of your motor on the hobbyking page to find out if it can accept 12S.

Ok. I have the best solution for getting any eboard battery on a plane. Just make sure the battery is dead. Bring a voltage tester to show security its dead. If your got a space cell even better. Just turn your battery switch on to show its not working. Has been tested with local airline here in Aus, so should be the same for other airlines around the world. See how you go.


Haha, nice idea? What do you mean by the battery dead though? Like 0v or nominal?

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