Esk8 that can go up hill and travel in plane

On percentage? I don’t think that changes a lot, the batteries still have power in them.

You can try it. It has worked.

It worked with a percentage monitor or actual voltage meter?

Do I have to use two esc for two 6056?

Yes. You have to use one ESC per motor.

The only battery I found near me is a 9s1p 18650 3ah It cheaper to buy i here yet the battery has a lower 9x3.7= 33.3V They claim that the highest voltage is 4.2V and thus the maximum is 9x4.2= 37.8V While boosted has a higher 12 x 3.3 = 39.6V. Can climb hills with 9s1p 18650 3ah and dual 6065?

Depends on the kv of the motor. I can climb hills on 6S so you should be fine.

How about a 270 kv 5065?

Are you using VESC? For 9S I would go for 200kv. 270kv is a bit too much.

nah I am using TorqueBoards 120A 6S ESC I don’t think the ESC can control the system. How is your set up of 6s which can go up hill?

I have a 6S 190kv geared 15/36. It has really good torque. Haven’t tested it on long hills but I have tested it on steep short hills.

99WH rule is just pure nonsense… this wont give enough range for traveling :slight_smile: …that’s why I’ve passed on 99wh battery and I’ll be trying to take 10s3p battery where ever I go. The thing with me is that I always carry a lot of equipment with me. Two professional camera’s + big lenses, laptop, chargers, sometimes small lighting. I even used to bring IMAC 21’5" in special backpack and I was always fine. Of course sometimes they take me to this secret room with more scanners and do some additional search, but usually it’s always fine.

I’ll be making 10s3p - 320 wh pack that looks like SPACE CELL, but it will have two USB hubs additionally. On the cover I’ll make super nice big sticker saying " External Usb Power Bank" . My iphone will be pluged in while I pass the TSA scanner. I should be fine.

TSA agents are always ok dudes if you tell them that you are professional with a lot of equipment.

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I’m not sure about the states, but in Canada the rules are no electric skateboard with the battery inside. I had to travel recently with my e-board, and I took out the battery. Since I was using two 55.5Wh batteries I was safe from the 100Wh rule, and they just let me carry the batteries on the plane.

Basically, you can always split your battery pack into two :wink:

So, you can bring more than one “99 Wh” battery on the plane?

Yup, that’s what happened to me.

Yes. That´s why a good setup for travellers is 10S using 2x5S 5000 Lipos. Total of 180 Wh, but you can easy take the batterys (90 Wh each) on a plane.

Ayyy u just make an account? I saw your vids on youtube they were pretty decent!

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The official rule is that you can only bring two 99wh batteries on a plane.

Lol thank you :slight_smile: I have had the account for a long time now, and I’m going to be uploading my newest carbon-fiber e-board there. Here’s a link for anyone who’s interested.

Edit. Woops, thought you meant the YouTube account! No, I made this account an hour ago haha.

Lol nice to see u on the forum! You should link this website in your vids tho. More people on this forum is for the best and we are always happy to help people! Also try the vesc it the best esc for electric long boards.