ESK8 Vloggers – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

As an online community, we are aware of the videos and content which are made by people either promoting and/or reviewing esk8 products. This thread is where we can provide constructive criticism to would-be bloggers or YouTube channels to assist them to make better content.

While I am sure we have our own preferences in relation to esk8 related content such as YouTube channels, Facebook pages, and websites, as well as certain vloggers we love to hate, the goal of this thread is to provide constructive feedback, to improve their content and quality of esk8 information available. Who knows, in their efforts to improve they may find this page!

Yes, there are shills out there that will promote any product for a fee (or fame), but there are also non-commercially oriented content providers, who do it as a passion, and might appreciate the feedback.

The rules are: Share a link to an esk8 content contributor, tell us why you like or dislike them, and how they how you think they could improve their content.

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