Esk8 Weight questions

Me being a lightweight, (55-60 kilos) and having a short 6 mile round trip distance to my nearest university, What electronics would be necessary for my weight plus a 15-20 mph top speed. I dont want to cheap out completely, since I have a few small hills (13%), but I dont want to spend more than a thousand dollars.

You’ll want a single motor (for cost). Try to go with at least 6355, but 6374 is recommended. 5065 can be okay too if you gear for it. If you want a 12 mile (round trip) board you’ll want at least a 200wh battery. Go with the VESC for your controller.

See Jason’s vid here

its 3 miles there and 3 more back so I feel batteries and charger will cost $80-$100 and what motor and esc will I need?

12s2p battery pack made from A123 26650 LifePO4 cells. They have a long lifespan and high continuous discharge rate

woops misread :P. If you want cheap go lipos, if you want reliable and safe go li-ion. If your budget is $1k and you want a easy simple solution, go with the space cell pro 3/4

ok I think I will cheap out and go with lipos because I can get a friend to teach me more about them. But what motor esc combos have people tried that work for them? Besides the vesc

There’s loads of people who use various car/boat ESCs. TB’s ESC are popular as well as the FVT. Check out this list

I was looking for…I guess testimonies from people who used escs like the fvt 120+ a specific motor. Im not looking to be original, just to get a board that will last me my two yeas of community college and maybe more than that, since the public university is a bit farther away

The FVT120a is great, even if you don’t have the programming card (I didn’t for almost a year). It brakes silently too.

Hello all!

I have a simple (or I assume it is at least) question that I’m having a super hard time finding an answer for online. I’m a big, fat dude. 6’2" 350+lbs. I want to ride an electric board but I’m having a rough time finding information about which board would best suit me. I reached out to the Boosted Board people and they told me they’ve had people my size ride their boards but they had to have a wider stance (I assume just over the wheels). Most other manufacturers stick around the 250lbs range. So I started wondering about diy kits.

Would any of you fine folks be able to suggest a solution for me? I used to skate a lot when I was younger so I’m used to the regular sized boards, I even still have my old Corey O’Brian deck from the late 80’s lol. I’m totally open to a longboard experience though. Honestly, whichever handles my weight better and can run a dual motor as I’m assuming I’d need the extra juice to get around.

Thanks so much! Jamie